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Automation is a funny word with a lot of different meanings. In this video, I’ll discuss some of the more commonly used ones.

Automation is a process of creating a system that operates without human input, without human knowledge, or without any input at all. The most common form automation takes on is the use of computers to automatically execute a series of tasks, such as driving a car, opening a bank account, or performing a simple mathematical calculation.

Automation is also a term that’s used to describe the way people can easily accomplish tasks that were once difficult or impossible. I’m not sure if this video is going to get a laugh, but I hope it does because I had a few laughs over the weekend.

The only thing that I can come up with that might be considered automation is when a computer can be programmed to do a specific task, such as a dog washing its hind legs when you want to use its special shampoo. That is the only one I can think of that I would consider to be automatic.

I think that there is a big trend in the gaming industry, where people are going to be seeing games which are not just so long-drawn and well-written that you get bored of them, but rather just so-so games that do things that are actually well-executed and well-done.

Automation is also what I’ve heard called “the greatest word in the universe.” But that word is also what makes some people hate it. Why? Because they feel that it’s not real. For example, what if you can automate a whole bunch of things? Well, you can use automated AI to make a robot do just about anything you want it to do. You can use automated AI to build a robot that can do everything a human would do.

Not just robots, automated AI itself is what I think of as the first thing that should be automated. You can use automated AI to build robots that are so smart that they can tell you when you’re having a bad dream, and tell you to stop. Automated AI could give us robots that can make our lives easier. Instead of having to worry about an endless stream of customer service calls, your automated AI can just take care of it.

Automated AI is what I think of as the next big thing right now. We’re only a few years away from that, and we’re only a few steps away from being able to build our own computers. In fact, I’m even more excited about the potential of having our own computers, than I am about the potential of having a robot that can do everything a human would do.

But what’s a robot? Well, our computers are still pretty far from being able to do everything that a human would, but still a lot closer than the average person wants to imagine. In fact, I suspect that the most likely use case for a robot is to do everything a human would do.

In a perfect world we would all be able to do all of our activities with our own computers. However, that’s impossible, so there must be some kind of technological barrier that stops us from doing things that a machine would do. I think the closest I can come to explaining this is with the example of driving. Cars have a number of different systems that are required for driving a car, but even then there are a lot of tasks that are better left to computers.

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