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Automation is a huge buzzword these days. It’s really just the way we are supposed to live. In previous articles I’ve talked about that some of our habits are controlled by technology, and this has to be one of my biggest concerns.

In my opinion, the main reason we are so attached to technology is because of our job. Sure, there are a lot of jobs that dont require the tech, but a lot of them do. I also believe that a lot of the technology we use is only used for the most trivial of functions, and that in this case, for the most trivial of tasks, the cost is pretty high. I’m not saying that automation is bad, but I think its something that needs to be considered.

As I said, I believe that this is one of the major concerns of technology. In order to get a job you need to be able to pass a test, and in order to pass a test you need to have a certain level of knowledge of a certain subject. I’m not saying that all technology is bad, but a lot of the tech we use only does what we expect it to do.

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