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docker build has been around for a long time, and people have been using it for years. The use of build tools makes it simpler for developers to work on their own containers, and it makes it easier for developers to build on a regular basis and easily share images.

This is a great benefit, but when people talk about docker in the context of a build system, they have a tendency to think of it as a single tool. The truth is that docker itself is made up of multiple tools, and there are multiple ways to use them. Most of the tools you see in docker also exist for other purposes, so it’s not as simple as it seems.

There are two main ways to use docker in the context of a build system: docker build and docker build -t. You can use docker build to build a new image, or you can -t to run a command on an existing image. The former method is the one you’ll be familiar with if you’re a developer who prefers to work on his own container. The latter is the one that we see in the video.

Docker uses the concept of a “build system.” A build system is a collection of tools that allows you to build a new image, run a command on it, and test the result. docker build uses a build system that supports a build configuration file which specifies a script to run. This script will in turn run the command on the image. We’ll call this the build config file. And then our command to run the command is specified as the image.

In the example above, we use Docker for container. We’ll use the Dockerfile below to start a container.

Dockerfile is a file that you should create to create a container from scratch.

The command should be to run the command docker build container.

If this seems too much to ask for, then you’d be right.

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