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My biggest issue with the idea of self-awareness is that it seems too vague to be useful.

The issue is that self-awareness is a very specific idea. As a result it’s hard to define. For example, how would you know if you had a car accident? This is where things get really tricky. The definition of self-awareness is “experience of, or awareness of, one’s own behavior.

Not all self-awareness is the same. For example, you might be aware that you are in danger of being killed by a bad guy, but not aware that the danger is really you.

The problem is with the word “awareness” is that it is very vague. I mean, the danger you are in is actually you. The car you are in isn’t really your. But the concept of self awareness is very specific and difficult to define.

The difficulty is that you can have self-awareness that you are in danger. You can also have self-awareness that you are in danger, but you are unaware of the danger. And you can have self-awareness that you are not in danger, but you are aware of the danger.

At least I have all the words right.

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