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The word “immersive” comes from the word “immanence”, which is defined as “the state of being immaterial”. This means that what we do, the objects we create, and the people we interact with are all part of ourselves and our surroundings. What this means is that our experiences are always linked in some way to the environment we are in.

The idea behind immersive is to create the illusion of being a part of a shared environment with other people. This means that we interact with other people in order to create experiences that are meaningful to us. This also means that the way we interact with the world in which we live is always in some way dependent on our environment.

In the case of the game, the player controls Colt through the use of a game controller. This means that the player is constantly interacting with the environment in some way and thus making a direct connection between the player and the player’s surroundings. In this way, the player is always able to interact with other people and the world around them to create experiences that are meaningful to the player rather than just the player’s own experiences.

In my humble opinion, it is both immersive and immersive interaction that makes a game immersive. One could argue that these experiences are all part of the same experience, but that’s not the case for my game. The player is not only interacting with the environment, but the player is also interacting with the players surroundings. And this means that the player is not alone. It’s not just the player seeing their surroundings and interacting with them, but the player is interacting with the player.

This is why I think that player immersion is so important.

The reason I think this is important is because it gives you an idea of the type of game you are playing. For example, you could have a game that is very immersive, but not very game-y. In that case, the game would be very immersive, but not gamey (there is no gameplay, just gameplay). The same would be true for a game that is very game-y, but not immersive.

I think this is the main reason immersive-ness is important. When you play a game that is very immersive, you are just playing a game for yourself, and you have very little control over the direction and progress of the game. This is why I think the term “game-y” is a bad way to describe a game. It’s like saying a game is like a roller coaster. It’s not.

In the past, immersive-ness was often measured as the degree of immersion, but that is now called immersion factor or game factor. The game might have a very gamey feeling, but it is not very immersive.

In the future, this may not even be a factor. Our technology is getting so good that we can now build a whole house without actually having to touch it. This is what we call “immersive”. Imagine the day when you can build a house without actually building it. Imagine the day when you can make a video game without actually playing it. Imagine the day when you can build a house. That’s immersive engineering.

The ability to build a building without knowing the rules of how it should be built is called immersive engineering. It is becoming so prevalent that we are now calling it “game factor.” A game factor is a game that is played for a very short period of time so you can get something out of it. A game factor is a game that you have to play so you can get something out of it.

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