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international journal of recent technology and engineering (ijrte)


“International journal of recent technology and engineering” is a quarterly peer-reviewed journal that focuses on recent developments in the fields of information technology, applied mathematics, and engineering.

Since its founding in 1976, International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering has gained a steady readership of over 40,000 researchers and practitioners in nearly 140 countries. The journal is indexed and abstracted in Scopus, the Web of Science, and Google Scholar.

IJRTE publishes a steady stream of articles on the latest and greatest from all corners of science and engineering. The journal has a strong focus on research that is both original and well-reasoned, and focuses on fields that are interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary. The journal is published in the United States by Taylor & Francis (formerly W.B. Saunders), who also publish the Journal of Data Management and Knowledge Engineering, the Journal of Data and Information Management, and the Journal of Information Management.

In fact, the journal’s name is derived from its mission statement, which is “to stimulate and advance the field of data management and knowledge engineering.

The journal is also available on Amazon’s website. That means you can buy it on Amazon through the links on the left, or you can buy it on the right. That’s the same thing as buying or building a new house.

The journal of Data and Knowledge Management is a professional journal dedicated to the study of the fundamental concepts of data management and information engineering. The journal was established in 1992 and has published more than 30 papers in the last decade. In 2008, the Journal of Information Management (jim) was established by the same team.

The journal was established in 1992.

The journal is a peer-reviewed journal and publishes papers in the fields of data management and information engineering as well as related topics.

We are a small team of researchers and writers within the company, and we believe that the international journal of recent technology and engineering (ijrte) deserves the recognition it deserves. The journal has been very successful in attracting researchers from all over the world – from academia to industry, government, and so on. We believe that this journal is an excellent journal because it is very international, it is full of research, it is very rigorous in its research, and it is full of great papers.

The journal is currently the only international journal of recent technology and engineering in the world. So it’s very exciting to have it.

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