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I have always had a huge problem with risk. I think there is a huge difference between an auto-pilot and a conscious, deliberate choice on my part. I know that I have to go through a lot of work to avoid harm and that the decision I make in a given situation affects me. But I also know that if I just go with the flow, I will be fine.

If you are going to be a risk taker, you might as well be a risk reducer. You reduce the risk of death or injury to yourself and others by being aware of your choices and taking appropriate action. But if you aren’t, then you might as well do nothing.

An alternative to the risk-reduction approach I advocate is simply to plan ahead and put in place all the mechanisms that will help you make those decisions. For example, I just read an article in which the author mentioned that he would be willing to sell his house if he had his garage door open, or that he would be willing to sell his car if he could borrow someone’s car to drive to work.

This is a common approach, but it is often not very effective. It is easy to forget to close a door because you’re at the airport, or because you left your house unlocked. And I’m not just talking about your garage. I’m talking about the things in your house that impact your safety and the safety of others. For example, most people don’t think about the security of their garage.

Like most people, I don’t spend much time thinking about the safety of my house, nor the safety of my car. But if I did, I would think about the safety of my house and car. And by that I mean the security of the doors and windows. That is because the door and window are the two biggest objects that can protect you and someone inside from the elements.

But the biggest object that can protect you is your own body. It’s not an object in itself so much as a system of levers and springs that allows you to move your body. This is where the automation of risk management comes in. By automating risk management, you are able to make it easier for yourself to take care of the things in your own home that impact your safety and the safety of others.

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