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what is aria in web technology


aria is a set of semantic tags used in most web browsers. aria is different from html tags such as , , , and . aria is a set of tags or attributes that are added to an element in the DOM as it is rendered. <br/>

This is important because it is not just a simple tag but also a way of expressing the attributes in a web page.

You can also use the aria attribute to embed an element into a page. In the web browser, you can embed one element into the page but not in the aria attribute. For example, in the web browser, you can embed a. aria element into the aria attribute of a particular page.

Just after the story, this is the main part of the story and is the topic of the main story. It’s called the In-Game Story. All the main stories have an aria attribute. This is the most common element to use in web browsers. You can embed aria element into an element in your page.

We’ve got all the elements that make up a web page, but what makes a web page so different from any other web page is the fact that the web page has aria, which is a string of characters that represent the HTML of the page. Aria is an acronym for “aria tag.

The most common aria tag is the _href_ attribute. That means it is either a string of characters or a combination of characters. This is the most common attribute for web pages. It is used when the page is a page with a URL, or when the page is an HTML page, or when the page is a Web page, or when the page is a Web page that is served by a Web browser.

This is one of the more common things that happen to our website, which makes any link to a page from our website pretty important. Aria tags are one of the most visible ways that Google looks for page content, and links are a major part of how Google gets there.

If you look at a page via Google’s search results, an aria tag is often visible. An aria tag is essentially a small box around the URL that tells Google that you are, in essence, linking to the page. This is an important way that Google can help with its ranking.

This is an important part of your aria tag. This is a link to your own page and not to anyone else. It tells Google that you’re a link to the page.

Well, aria is probably one of the best ways that Google can determine if a page is relevant to another, especially if you’re not a human linkable. This is why you should always include a link to your own page so that Google can find your page.

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