5 Things Your Vehicle Maintenance Log Needs to Track


What Is a Vehicle Maintenance Log?

Log each oil change in your vehicle maintenance log

A vehicle maintenance log at its simplest may be a complete record of your automotive vehicle repairs, automobile condition, and preventive maintenance work. several drivers use this huntsman to remain on prime of after they ought to take their vehicle to the search, what quantity repairs area unit cost accounting them, and even WHO completed the repairs. and even who completed the repairs. Buy Facebook likes with ease to grow your account! 

This automotive vehicle maintenance log will persuade be significantly useful for rideshare drivers. By maintaining along with your car’s wants, you’ll perpetually be assured that you’ll pass your Uber vehicle scrutiny — or a minimum of grasp what should be fastened before you pay a minimum of half-hour at the Uber Greenlight Hub.

Keeping a vehicle maintenance record will even assist you maintain the worth of your vehicle over time. Not solely will the record assist you scale back the quantity of repairs required, however it additionally acts as proof that you just took automobilee of your car. this is often particularly valuable for personal sellers of used cars to own.

How to Create Your Vehicle Maintenance Log

Tracking your automobile maintenance record may be a simple task which will prevent from the headache and price of automobile repairs within the future. If you’re curious about building a custom vehicle maintenance log from scratch, you’ll be able to use this section as your guide.

Tools for Keeping Your Log

Before you begin building out your log, it’s necessary for you to come to a decision wherever you would like to avoid wasting it within the initial place. Drivers will keep their maintenance and repair records in one thing as straightforward as a notebook, a binder, or AN surpass program. However, with all the free tools obtainable to you on-line, we have a tendency to do advocate saving your automobile maintenance records on a platform that produces accessing your log as simple as potential.

Google Sheets is one among the most effective choices out there, permitting you to totally customise your program guide on a cloud-based platform. after you use sheets, you’ll be able to access your vehicle maintenance go browsing mobile or on your pc, and even share the log with members of the family or fleet members WHO might share the automobile.

If you would like a simple smartphone-based choice, you’ll be able to check up on the trailing capabilities of automobile mileage apps, too. These apps tend to supply fewer opportunities to customise, however they’re very convenient for busy drivers.

Building Your Vehicle Maintenance Log Template

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The best vehicle maintenance logs area unit clear and straightforward to scan. whereas you actually wish details regarding the services you perform, you don’t wish the define to be very advanced if you would like to encourage yourself to remain responsible. Here area unit 5 stuff you ought to track along with your automobile maintenance log:

1. Date and Mileage

The first 2 columns of your vehicle maintenance log should the date of service and your car’s mileage at the time of the service. this is often primarily accustomed keep track of service intervals for revenant wants, like oil changes and filter changes, and ensuring your automobile components area unit lasting their full life.

For rideshare and delivery drivers, the mileage log is particularly crucial, as your automobile maintenance schedule ought to be supported mileage. as a result of you’re swing a lot of miles on your automobile than the typical driver every month, trailing by month are way too sporadic and won’t be enough for your driving habits. Still, don’t forget to trace the date therefore you’ll be able to additionally perceive what quantity you’re driving in any given month.

2. Service Provider

Logging the name of the person or business that provided a service — whether or not it’s AN freelance contractor, your native automotive vehicle store, otherwise you — can assist you find out WHO to travel to if one thing goes wrong. as an example, if you head to a mechanic for AN AC system tune-up and your air con continues to be performing arts poorly, you’ll be ready to contact identical mechanic and sometimes get a re-evaluation or maybe a second fix for complimentary.

3. Service Description

The column you’ll be filling in most extensively in your vehicle maintenance log are the outline of the service that was provided. Here, you’ll be able to log the categories of inspections performed, automobile components that were replaced, and the other relevant info which will impact your vehicle within the future.

To keep your maintenance record legible, you must follow writing elliptic points with bullet points, instead of writing in complete sentences or paragraphs. This way, you’ll be able to simply review your past maintenance and repair add no time.

4. Condition

Next to your service description, we have a tendency to advocate taking notes regarding the condition your automobile was in before and once the service. this is often an excellent section for you to jot down down the colour of your engine oil or transmission fluid, or write notes regarding repairs that your mechanic suggests. With these notes written down, you’ll grasp what red flags you would like to appear out for and the way abundant you’ll be able to expect to pay within the close to future.

You may even realize it useful to require footage of relevant automobile components before a third-party service to make sure that your mechanic is providing quality work and you’re not obtaining scammed. These footage presumably won’t be logged in your program, however since you’re trailing the date of service on your maintenance record, you’ll be ready to simply realize them on your phone or pc.

5. Service Cost

Finally, we recommend always writing down the cost of each individual service that’s completed, including the costs of materials if you’re following a DIY process at home. As an independent contractor, understanding your costs and expenses is a necessary part of maximizing your earnings and ensuring you never overspend. This can also help you estimate the amount of Uber driver tax deductions you can expect from maintenance and repairs alone.

Tracking your service cost can also help you figure out if you’re getting a deal from any given mechanic, if a service cost has increased, or if a service is completely overpriced.

Frequently Asked Questions

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While there are a handful of sections we suggest you include in your vehicle maintenance log, the exact design is fully up to you. You can stick with a simple chart for all of your services, or even create an additional maintenance checklist for your recurring needs. Here are a few questions

1. Can I find vehicle maintenance log templates online?

Whether you want a printable vehicle maintenance log PDF or an Excel template, you can find pre-made templates online just by searching “free vehicle maintenance log template” on Google. This template, for example, works great on Excel.

You can even purchase an automotive maintenance record book if you want an easily stored notebook that’s already designed for your needs.

2. What’s the best way to keep a car maintenance log if I have multiple vehicles?

We recommend keeping separate logs for each vehicle you own to avoid mixing up your maintenance intervals. For example, if you choose to track your vehicle maintenance in Google Sheets, make sure you have a separate document — or at least a separate tab — for each of your vehicles.

3. Should I log basic weekly checkups in my vehicle maintenance log?

If it makes sense for you to do so, we definitely recommend it. You can use your vehicle log for anything from weekly tire pressure checks to car washes and tire rotations. Tracking anything and everything in your log will keep you highly accountable.

Master Your Car Care

Staying committed to keeping a car maintenance record will help you greatly reduce the cost of car ownership over time. When you’re ready to move on to your next car model, it can even help you make a high-value sale thanks to the fact that your vehicle is in good condition and well cared for.


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