How World Cup 2022 Became A Globally Well-Known Brand.

World Cup 2022

We will explore the strategies used by Qatar to make their 世足賽2022 Olympic bid so successful. Qatar’s second time around hosting the World Cup was a bit different than the first time in 1998. For starters, Qatar didn’t have any competition: They won their bid with zero votes against them. Secondly, they had an amazing slogan — “A tournament of cultures”— which not only represented Qatar but also stirred up interest from countries all over the world who were interested in showcasing their culture through FIFA-sanctioned international soccer matches.

How did Qatar acquire the rights to host the 2022 World Cup?

Qatar was selected on December 7, 2010 to host the FIFA 世足賽2022. This was done through a vote of FIFA’s Executive Committee after an exhaustive bidding process that included a total of 21 bids from four countries (USA, Netherlands/Belgium, Sweden and Portugal/Spain).

How did Qatar come up with ‘A Tournament of Cultures’?

FIFA said that they wanted to go back to the roots and relive the World Cup in Africa. The idea behind ‘A tournament of cultures’ came from hopes that the competition would better reflect football’s global reach. As the International Football Association Board said in the official announcement, “The bid included a program to project this diversity and celebrate football’s cultural diversity.”

What does ‘A tournament of cultures’ mean in practice?

‘A Tournament of Cultures’ is a way for Qatar to showcase the cosmopolitan nature of the Middle East region where it is located. The slogan was viewed as a way to portray Qatar’s as an open and accepting country, which has become attractive to many tourists who are looking for a more laid-back and laid-back city. It also reflects on the role of women within Doha’s society and culture, where women represent 20% of the population, and it serves as an opportunity for women to play a part on FIFA’s international stage.

Who came up with ‘A tournament of cultures’?

The slogan was conceived of by the following people: Hassan Al-Thawadi, CEO of the Qatar 2022 Committee; Nasser Al-Khater, Secretary General of the Qatar 2022 Committee; and Mohammed Salah Al-Haidos, Chief Strategist for the 2022 Bid. It was first used on a billboard near Cartoon Network, which is operated by the Qatar Foundation. This became the slogan that they sent to FIFA asking them to vote for Qatar.

How have international soccer fans responded to ‘A tournament of cultures’?

According to FIFA, on the July 13, 2012 vote for the 2026 World Cup host bid, there was a 96% approval rate from soccer fans around the world. It is thought that this is due to Qatar’s efforts to make their ‘Culture’ platform a strong factor in their bid for hosting rights.


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