Little Known Facts When Choosing a Cell Phone Plan


Your mobile phone is probably the most advanced gadget that you get to travel with, and depend on. The services you require on the go, when unavailable, can cause major inconveniences that might negatively affect your travels and make you regret why you left in the first place. This is the case for many travelers who forgot to make sufficient plans when it came to their cell phone plans.

While traveling, you can be sure that your carrier might change and therefore some of the advantages and benefits you enjoyed while at home and in your state might not be everywhere. So for example, whereas you may have enjoyed certain reduced data charges in your home area, your carrier might not offer the same in another country. Or your beloved phone might be of absolutely no use for your important business meeting in another continent.  

How To Get Started On A Cell Phone Plan

Before you select a mobile phone plan for your travels, the first consideration to make is how long your trip might last. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, you may have a rough or even exact schedule and this will help you to plan. If you intend on staying for just a short period then getting a burner phone with a local Sim will suffice. A good burner phone should just be enough for calling and texting, but you should expect unexpected pricing depending on the location you’re in. 

However if you intend to stay for longer, perhaps several weeks, then your best bet is an international cell phone package that should last until your departure. You can make arrangements with a local carrier to find a good package for you.  

Secondly, if you have an existing cell phone plan and you want to make use of it in your host country, then the second important consideration is whether your carrier operates in that country as well. This is important because roaming charges might apply, which might cause your costs to skyrocket. 

Why a Locked Phone is a Bad Choice 

A locked phone might offer certain incentives for you if you are intending to stay for a much longer period of time and you your home carrier is not around your host country. So, whether you are an intern or a volunteer, then a locked phone would not be a great choice for you. Locked phones are cheaper since the bundles offers come with discounts that come with the phone. 

A good idea is to simply carry your unlocked phone and you can then get a local Sim-only plan if your host country offers such. However, you can get along quite okay with a prepaid plan so long as you can account for your bundles usage. However, make sure your unlocked phone will have the same carrier otherwise you might end up stuck with a phone that can serve you. 

Remember, your phone has almost all important information about you and keeping it safe should also be a priority. Getting a plan with a great insurance in case of theft or loss should also be a major consideration in the phone plan you choose. 


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